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H20 Beams | 3 Ply panels

H20 Beams | 3 Ply panels

About Form-on:

Form-on is a subsidiary of Doka Group, sharing the same highly effective production facility and international logistics network. Form-on products are manufactured using the same raw material, same machinery, same production lines, and same standards as Doka’s.

Form-on SmartBEAM 20P


  • Reliably high load capacity across the entire beam length thanks to homogeneous web material
  • No Cracking in atmospheric conditions or solar radiation
  • Reliable quality in usage thanks to many decades of experience and constant further development
  • Consistent product characteristics owing to ultra-modern production facilities

Form-on SmartBEAM 20N


  • Secured component load capacity, as all of the flanges are machine stress-graded and load-tested
  • Consistent product characteristics owing to high dimensional stability
  • Multiple savings compared to squared timber due to improved load capacity combined with lower weight

Form-on smartPANEL

Your Advantages:

  • Consistent dimensions and angles resulting from high production standards
  • Highly resistant thanks to surface coating made of urea-melamine resin glue
  • Long life span because gluing is resistant to heat, alkali, water and weather
  • Reliable quality due to production compliant with ÖNORM B 3023
  • Proven, crosswise glued 3-ply structure made of spruce

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