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Formwork Mix

Many times contractors own formwork material from different manufacturer, example from Doka, Peri, and Rmd

Manufacturer are unable to advise on any system they did not supply. Due to lack of knowledge, lack of experience and/or lack of commercial interest.

We analyze the project requirements starting with the available formwork material inventory at the customer.

Based on the initial study, we can aid the contractor in identifying the most suitable additional material for his project based on the best interest of the project/ contractor/ budget/ strategy.

Once the formwork strategy is defined we can provide commercial/technical support for the procurement of the additional material.

We offer rehabilitation and resurfacing of contractor existing stocks.

The objective is to provide the site with the optimal combination of formwork from their existing stock and to minimize the investment in new material.

Minimize Formwork investments by utilizing your existing stock mix, without compromise in performance and safety.

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